GMB-02DSemi-automaticweighing powder packing Machine

This machine adopts PLC, Chinese or English touch screen. It s made of stainless steel, fullymeet the requirements of food and medicine. This machine is suitable for any kinds of powdersuch as milk powder, flour powder, coffee powder, seasoner, additive, pesticide and chemical appliance.

Working Principle

The machine have two kinds of methods to meter(weighing metering and quantitativemetering), you can choose the metering mode according to the material, packaging weightpacking container, and packing accuracy that you need

1. Below conditions can choose quantitative metering:

Good fluidity, the uniform proportion materials, such as glucose powder, flour, starch, smalcrystals, small particles. Small packing specification. Packaging accuracy requirements arenot very strict.

2. Below conditions can choose weighing metering:

Poor fluidity, specific gravity changes, the large water content materials, such as soft sugar, oiltea, water-soluble fertilizer, mancozeb and so on Large packing specification. Packagingaccuracy requirements are relatively high.

Performances Features

1. Transparent hopper, material operation is at a glance;

2. Hopper can open, cleaning is more convenient and fast. It s easy to adjust the position ofthe mixer, so that the packaging accuracy to achieve the best, easy to maintain agitatometering screw, long axis and other parts.

3. High-precision machining means to make the motor, long axis, hopper metering screwcup to achieve a high degree of concentricity, so that can improve operating efficiency andreduce the wear of the metering screw, and greatly reduces the metering screw disorientedfailure. after machine is moving, cleaning and long time stirring.

4. Calculate cup and the silo adopt quick-connect clamp connection, use more easily.



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